Made In USA by adults w/ disabilities and military veterans
Patriot, - noun. A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
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Prisms and LED Light Bases

Living Patriot™ Prisms are clear, acrylic flag display cases. Proudly display your American flag with all of the magnificance it deserves!

Personalized engraving can be selected with your order.

Prism Flag Size  Price
LP595 for 5’x9.5’ flag $189.99
LP58 for 5’x8’ flag $154.99
LP46 for 4’x6’ flag $104.99
LP35 for 3’x5’ flag $89.99
LP23 for 2’x3’ flag $49.99
LP16 for 16”x24” flag $34.99
LED Light Base Price   
LB595 LED Light Base $67.99
LB58 LED Light Base $60.99
LB46 LED Light Base $48.99
LB35 LED Light Base $44.99
LB23 LED Light Base $30.99
LB16 LED Light Base $22.99


Illuminated LED Light Bases with 12VDc power supply

Buy your Prism from a retailer? Order a replacement front panel and have it personalized with engraved logos, phrases and names.

12VDC power supplies

Replacement LED light strips that last about four years.

Coming Soon: Gift Cards

Additional Items

Display your Gold, Silver or Blue Star banner on window sills, shelves, desks, coffee tables and mantles with a Living Patriot™ Banner Display.

Your 8.25" x 14.5" banner simply slips between two pieces of clear acrylic. No fasteners needed.

Banner displays can also be custom engraved and the base is available with and without internal illuminated LED lights so it glows.